Weekly Meetings: Fellowship Friday

Fellowship Friday is a weekly 90-minute event sponsored by the Central Florida Christian Chamber and hosted at Stetson Baptist Church at 7:30am. First, let us tell you what Fellowship Friday isn’t. It’s not a networking meeting and it’s not a leads group. Actually, it’s so much more! Often, we settle for referrals which get us in the door, at Fellowship Friday, we focus on recommendations – which often translate to business. Since Christianity is not about religion but about relationships, our focus is to build great relationships. We all love to tell someone “I know a guy”, or “I know a lady.” We recommend folks because when they exceed expectations it makes us look good – and we like to look good!

We only recommend people we trust, and we trust people we’ve gotten to know. So the purpose of Fellowship Friday is to help us get to know one another to the point where we’ll enthusiastically recommend. That doesn’t happen by simply passing business cards and doing elevator speeches. Instead of hearing a speech about what you do, we want to know why and how you do what you do. How you serve others through your product or service. We’ll also have a question of the day that will help us learn more about you.

We do encourage you to meet one-on-one, but when you do, discover ways how you can serve each other rather than sell each other. The bottom line is that you’ll grow your business as you develop great relationships – plus you’ll experience a “multiple bottom line” as you build business, build community and build the Kingdom. It’s free to attend, so give it a try and experience the difference!